Lord Percival Bucklesworth

One of the great lords of Peynia, and patron of the Windfalls.


Name: Lord Percival Bucklesworth
Age: 58
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Green
Build: Stout, almost portly.


Head of House Bucklesworth, Percival Bucklesworth was once an adventurer himself, and it was the wealth and renown he gained throughout his adventuring career that prompted the The Hours of Kingsfoil to grant him a title and make him the thirteenth Hour. From humble beginnings, Percival is now one of the greatest lords in the land, residing in Kingsfoil’s innermost circle with the other Hours. He has three sons, Tobin his eldest who died on an adventure, Aaron his current heir, and Caleb his youngest, known to most as Kip. Currently, Lord Bucklesworth is the patron of the Windfalls.

Lord Percival Bucklesworth

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