The Story So Far...

It has been nearly one year since Asher Beckett and Tomoe Okona emerged victorious from the yearly adventurer trials at Landfall and earned the right to become professional adventurers. After the trials, their patron Lord Bucklesworth, one of the Thirteen Hours of Peynia, took them to Kingsfoil to live with him in his lavish manor home. So far their employment has taken them to the far heights of Norrhan’s mountains to retrieve the Horn of War and Peace and the innermost swells of the Center Sea to the half-sunken Victorwood Academy in search of a staff said to grant it’s bearer the power of flight. However, whilst at the Victorwood Academy, the group encountered a rival adventuring party in the employ of House Petrova, a powerful family with a sinister reputation. This other party had laid in ambush at the entrance to the Academy, hoping to murder the party and take the staff for themselves without having to navigate the dangers of the dungeon. Thankfully, our heroes slew the rival adventurers and took their ship as part of the dungeon’s spoils. This victory over the Petrova’s party has now thrust our little team of adventurers into the spotlight. Now they are a known adventuring company, dubbed the Windfalls.

However, this publicity has a price. While cleaning out the rival party’s ship, a disturbing discovery was made: hundreds of bodies, stowed in the ship’s hold. This revelation suggests that there may be some truth behind House Petrova’s dark reputation, and now the Windfalls have made an enemy of them. Unfortunately, for the moment the Windfalls have more pressing concerns. While escorting Lord Bucklesworth’s son Aaron on a map-making trip through western Peynia – and taking some much-deserved leave – the Windfalls have found themselves in the depths of the forest, confronting an ancient evil, and innocent lives hang in the balance.


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