• Aaron Bucklesworth

    Aaron Bucklesworth

    Lord Bucklesworth's cartography-obsessed middle son.
  • Admin Colt

    Admin Colt

    Head of the House Colt betrothed to Arrietta and seventh Hour of Kings Foil.
  • Alastar Marc

    Alastar Marc

    Head of the House Marc and sixth Hour of Kings Foil.
  • Arietta


    An alchemist with a shop in the upper circles of Kingsfoil, betrothed to Admin Colt.
  • Ava


    A jeweler living in Kingsfoil.
  • Bron Chevall

    Bron Chevall

    First hour of Kings foil. Notably the descendant of a famous dwarven lineage.
  • Brooke


    A scrupleless adventurer employed by the Petrovas.
  • Caleb Bucklesworth (Kip)

    Caleb Bucklesworth (Kip)

    Lord Bucklesworth's youngest son.
  • Caspian Petrova

    Caspian Petrova

    The second Hour of Kings Foil and head of the famous House Petrova along with his sister Katraina.
  • Cedric Feldon

    Cedric Feldon

    Lord Buckleworth's private researcher.
  • Crowley Asher

    Crowley Asher

    Head of the House Asher and nineth Hour of Kings Foil.
  • Declan Flynn

    Declan Flynn

    A tactical fighter, one of the founding members of the Windfalls.
  • Drake Remoret

    Drake Remoret

    An adventurer employed by Lord Bucklesworth who accompanied our heroes on their first mission.
  • Eddard Clay

    Eddard Clay

    Head of the House Clay and tenth Hour of Kings Foil.
  • Elfric Pippery

    Elfric Pippery

    A carriage driver in Lord Bucklesworth's household.
  • Ellijiah Prescott

    Ellijiah Prescott

    Head of House Prescott and fifth Hour of Kings Foil.
  • Espin Dower

    Espin Dower

    Representative of the House Petrova and all around sinister fuck.
  • Everin Astley

    Everin Astley

    A ranged specialist and one of the founding members of the Windfalls.
  • Feora Hawk

    Feora Hawk

    Head of the House Hawk and twelfth Hour of Kings Foil.
  • Gavin (Dreamboat) Smith

    Gavin (Dreamboat) Smith

    A blacksmith with a forge located in the middle circles of Kingsfoil.
  • Huge Hue

    Huge Hue

    A love-able giant who was recruited when the Windfalls ventured into the Palace of the Angels.
  • Jaquelyn Ferone

    Jaquelyn Ferone

    The guard training Aaron Bucklesworth.
  • Jean


    Part of the Blue Feather freelance adventuring team, encountered in the Maze.
  • Katraina Petrova

    Katraina Petrova

    Sister to Caspian and co-head of the House Petrova, second Hour of Kings Foil.
  • Koek Nadeem

    Koek Nadeem

    An aspiring adventurer who worked with our heroes during the trial at Landfall.
  • Lord Percival Bucklesworth

    Lord Percival Bucklesworth

    One of the great lords of Peynia, and patron of the Windfalls.
  • Lyra Victorwood

    Lyra Victorwood

    Head of House Victorwood which was once known for its magical aptitude and fourth Hour of Kings Foil.
  • Marguerite Chevall

    Marguerite Chevall

    A 750 year-old ghost encountered in the Palace of the Angels, who the Windfalls swore to avenge.
  • Maria Bourdet

    Maria Bourdet

    A maid in Lord Bucklesworth's home, Asher Beckett's lover.
  • Mary Sheppard

    Mary Sheppard

    A wayward child taken in by the windfalls.
  • Matea Roman

    Matea Roman

    Head of the House Roman and eleventh Hour of Kings Foil.
  • Melia Bucklesworth

    Melia Bucklesworth

    Ward of Lord Percival Bucklesworth, our heroes' local guide in Kingsfoil.
  • Mori Rames

    Mori Rames

    An adventurer employed by Lord Bucklesworth who accompanied our heroes on their first mission.
  • Robin Duval (Deceased)

    Robin Duval (Deceased)

    A wide-eyed wannabe adventurer who our heroes helped before the trial at Landfall.
  • Roen Duval

    Roen Duval

    Robin Duval's younger brother who also aspires to be an adventurer.
  • Sir Asher Beckett

    Sir Asher Beckett

    A knight from Avanor and one of the founding members of the WIndfalls.
  • Taliaha Valyn

    Taliaha Valyn

    Head of House Valyn and third hour of Kings Foil.
  • Tobin Bucklesworth (Deceased)

    Tobin Bucklesworth (Deceased)

    Lord Bucklesworth's deceased eldest son.
  • Tomoe Okona

    Tomoe Okona

    A ninja with a mysterious past and one of the founding members of the Windfalls.
  • Tubbert


    The appraiser in Kingsfoil
  • Wallas Rigbee

    Wallas Rigbee

    Head of the House Rigbee successful Inventor and thirteenth Hour of Kings Foil.